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[E-devel] Fw: Text color-classes in e17

> Edje currently has an edje_color_class_list() function that exports a
> list of cc's the current process knows about (from any loaded edje
> objects). It *should* be possible to use this to generate the list in
> the color class dialog. We probably need some categorization though (maybe
> through namespacing the cc names?)
> rephorm
The only problem with using edje_color_class_list to get the cc's is that,
from what I found, if a part is not loaded currently...let's say a cc for
check boxes (just for argument), then the edje_color_class_list function
does not return it because the part is not loaded. What would be ideal is a
function that can list all cc's defined in the theme, loaded or not.
Originally, I had tried to use edje_color_class_list todo that color dialog
list, but alas if the part isn't loaded, it never showed.