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Re: [E-devel] ALT key and WIN key

On Mon, 06 Nov 2006 23:36:36 +0100 michelbriand@free.fr babbled:

> Hello
> a small request for comment here:
> why not a new configuration item in Configuration Panel->Behaviour->Key
> Bindings which would speel like this:
> [if basic]
> "Default key for Enlightenment:
>    * ALT key
>    * WIN key"
> [if advanced]
> "Change all ALT bindings to WIN"
> "Change all WIN bindings to ALT"
> This could sounds good for many people since ALT is often usefull in
> applications (like The Gimp) and WIN is not used by default.
> Personnaly I use WIN key for ALL e16 bindings since I have a "win" keyboard.
> This way I can use all the functions of ALT in The Gimp

this is more a job for the e setup wizard (that is on the TODO) to set up for
you the first time you run e :)

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