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Re: [E-devel] EDC Editor first try

> > 
> >	One last thing - A nice improvement for the grad dialog would
> > be to allow for lin grads at arbitrary angles, and to allow for
> > the use of the spread types.. One way to do this is similar to
> > what the Gimp has for letting you draw a grad, ie. you place the
> > cursor at one point on the preview and then at another, and this
> > defines it - with the spread mode determining what to do before/
> > after those endpoints..
> Yeah, I had some of this in mind for an "advanced" version of the
> dialog. I'm not sure to what extent we want to go though, when most
> (i'm guessing) gradient bgs will be of the standard types.
	Yes, it's easy to get carried away with this.. maybe better
left to a dedicated app (or possibly have bg-creation modules of
some sort).

> > 	Anyway.. When/if Carsten has time to get back to evas, and
> > everyone would prefer the use of the general fill for edje grads,
> > I can send the patch.. or if it's preferred to keep the current
> > interface for linear grads, I can modify it to be a bit simpler
> > internally, and add the other grad stuff as well.
> Send me the patch and I'll try to find time to review it and fix
> the edc generated by the grad dialog (if you haven't already done
> that). 

	Yeah I'd changed e17's grad bg creation to generate things
correctly with it.
	Let me dig these things up and go over them a bit (I think
edje has had a few changes since then as well), and I'll try and
get it to you by Mon or Tues, say. :)