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Re: [E-devel] Text color-classes in e17

> > I've noticed that changing the color of text for anything in
> > either the 'Window Manager' or the 'Widgets', via the color config
> > dialog, doesn't quite work correctly (only works correctly for the
> > 'Modules', ie. for the module label) --- at least not for me.
> > 
> > 	Does anyone else have this problem?
> > 
> >    jose.
> > 
> What there are you using. Most likely the theme itself doesn't have
> support for color classes.

	I'm using the default theme. The problem is that things don't
quite work as one'd expect from what's presented via the color config
	If a theme only partially supports something or other, then
this should be 'shown' somehow.. eg. if some part is not supported,
then it should not appear as an option that can be enabled.. etc.

	Otherwise things appear confusing and 'broken'.