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Re: [E-devel] EDC Editor first try

	Brian writes:

> >	Just to follow up on this last bit here -- do you wish to
> > change the current edje gradient fill desc that relates to linear
> > grads?
> > 
> I do, but have no idea when I'll get around to it.

	I understand.. unfortunately, it's an ever present problem
for all. :(

	Ummmm... Well, I actually rewrote the whole thing a while
back (when I was trying to find out where the grad transition issue
was coming from), and wrote everything to just use the general fill
(I also added all the other evas grad properties - spread, offset,
enabled the use of params, changed angles to be doubles, etc).
	However, changing things to just use the general fill, would
break things.

	One last thing - A nice improvement for the grad dialog would
be to allow for lin grads at arbitrary angles, and to allow for the
use of the spread types.. One way to do this is similar to what the
Gimp has for letting you draw a grad, ie. you place the cursor at one
point on the preview and then at another, and this defines it - with
the spread mode determining what to do before/after those endpoints..

	Anyway.. When/if Carsten has time to get back to evas, and
everyone would prefer the use of the general fill for edje grads,
I can send the patch.. or if it's preferred to keep the current
interface for linear grads, I can modify it to be a bit simpler
internally, and add the other grad stuff as well.