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Re: [E-devel] EDC Editor first try

	Brian writes:

> There have been a few discussions in the past on how best to do
> an edje editor. (The old ebits editor was named 'etcher', so I
> always assumed we'd re-use that, but we don't have to. Frankly
> edje_editor is clear and straightforward enough.

	How about "edjer", "edjit", "edjed"

> I had started playing with editor ideas a few years ago, but
> took a tack that proved itself to be the wrong one (using edje's
> internal data structures directly). We then started engrave as
> an edc parsing / editing library, to be used by any future editor.
> (However, its a total pain to keep it in sync with edje changes,
> and as such doesn't support anything that was added to edje over
> about a year ago).

	Just to follow up on this last bit here -- do you wish to
change the current edje gradient fill desc that relates to linear