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Re: [E-devel] e16 translucency win_op enhancements [with patch]

Oh right, sorry... i meant to reply, just got distracted and forgot about it.
i haven't worked on this any further and don't know if/when i might. your suggestions sound fine. i didn't really know anything about wm hints, i just added that stuff while trying to blindly squash a bug that (i'm pretty sure) turned out to be unrelated to it. anyway, if there's anything in particular you think i should add/change, i'll look into it... i guess having default bindings or a mention in the docs would be good. i just noticed in the eesh help response in ipc.c, i give no indication of incremental setting support... perhaps it should read something like

    "  win_op <windowid> opacity <1-100(100=opaque)>|<+/-%(incremental change)>\n"
" win_op <windowid> focused_opacity <1-100(100=opaque)>|<+/-%(incremental change)>\n"

other than exposing it's existance via docs or bindings, i'm content to leave it as it is and allow you to modify as you see fit... at least for as long as i live on a system on which compositing's unusable :p (which is for the forseeable future)
Thankyou for dealing with this and getting it committed.

Kim Woelders wrote:
Grant Wier wrote:


This patch gets rid of the opaque_when_focused toggle and replaces it with a seprate focused_opacity setting, allowing you to set it to whatever level you like independantly of the normal (now effectively a 'window blurred') opacity setting. it's used via a focused_opacity winop the same as the regular opacity one. Additionally, this patch adds relative (i.e. incremental) setting support to both winops, recognized by the argument starting with '+' or '-' (still allowing absolute setting).
This way you can, for example, do bindings like:

MouseDown   A 4 wop * focused_opacity +10
MouseDown   A 5 wop * focused_opacity -10
MouseDown   AC  4 wop * opacity +10
MouseDown   AC  5 wop * opacity -10

so that when you alt + mouse-scroll-down it lowers the focused_opacity of the focused window by 10%, or raises it for alt + mouse-scroll-up, and likewise does the same for blurred opacity with alt-ctrl + scrolling. in the latter case, since the window is focused, this patch also adds some feedback, momentarily displaying the new blurred-opacity level when you set it for a focused window. it's currently hard-coded to 700ms, and if fading is enabled it'll fade in both directions.

I have no idea, and don't know how to find out, if any of the hints stuff in this is correct, and since i don't use a pager, i don't know if this all works right for snapshots either.
Other than that, it all seems to work fine.

I'm not on this list, so if you wanna contact me either e-mail me directly, or i'm on the irc channels on freenode as ze. even if i don't respond on freenode, if you address me by nick i'll see it later.

Hi Grant,

I have repeatedly tried to contact you on the reply email address, but no response. I have committed your patch with some modifications, primarily related to not using an _NET_WM_WINDOW_FOCUSED_OPACITY atom.