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Re: [E-devel] EDC Editor first try

On 11/8/06, DaveMDS <list@gurumeditation.it> wrote:
Hi all,
I'm working on an edc editor, something like glade but for the edje file.
I have just done all the parsing of the edc file and the inteface (for
now using gtk2).
Now I'm going to do the evas design window.

Has someone just made some work on this?
Do you think it's useful?

I guess it would be very useful to me. It seems a lot of work, since
the creation freedom which evas and even edje provides is big.


PS: Some idea for the application name? my first choice is 'ertist' but
need suggestion.

Edesigner ? Patterns like *designer are too much used for programs
like this, but I don't have a better suggestion now.

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