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Re: [E-devel] e16 translucency win_op enhancements [with patch]

Grant Wier wrote:

This patch gets rid of the opaque_when_focused toggle and replaces it with a seprate focused_opacity setting, allowing you to set it to whatever level you like independantly of the normal (now effectively a 'window blurred') opacity setting. it's used via a focused_opacity winop the same as the regular opacity one. Additionally, this patch adds relative (i.e. incremental) setting support to both winops, recognized by the argument starting with '+' or '-' (still allowing absolute setting).
This way you can, for example, do bindings like:

MouseDown   A 4 wop * focused_opacity +10
MouseDown   A 5 wop * focused_opacity -10
MouseDown   AC  4 wop * opacity +10
MouseDown   AC  5 wop * opacity -10

so that when you alt + mouse-scroll-down it lowers the focused_opacity of the focused window by 10%, or raises it for alt + mouse-scroll-up, and likewise does the same for blurred opacity with alt-ctrl + scrolling. in the latter case, since the window is focused, this patch also adds some feedback, momentarily displaying the new blurred-opacity level when you set it for a focused window. it's currently hard-coded to 700ms, and if fading is enabled it'll fade in both directions.

I have no idea, and don't know how to find out, if any of the hints stuff in this is correct, and since i don't use a pager, i don't know if this all works right for snapshots either.
Other than that, it all seems to work fine.

I'm not on this list, so if you wanna contact me either e-mail me directly, or i'm on the irc channels on freenode as ze. even if i don't respond on freenode, if you address me by nick i'll see it later.

Hi Grant,

I have repeatedly tried to contact you on the reply email address, but no response. I have committed your patch with some modifications, primarily related to not using an _NET_WM_WINDOW_FOCUSED_OPACITY atom.