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Re: [E-devel] make e_utils/entangle use desktop

Lut!n wrote:
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Here is a **quick** fix to have entangle working with .desktop files.
I don't have the time nor the skill to implement the FDO icon search
thing, so the way it searches for an icon is :
1. iconpath specified in the .desktop
2. in the icon theme specified in the .desktop
3. fallback icon

hope that's not too bad :|

I applied the patch but entangle just segvs on startup. Something inside ecore_desktop it looks like. (I had to make some changes to the patch you forgot the ()s on ecore_desktop_shutdown();)

ecore_hash_destroy (hash=0x80a5980) at ecore_hash.c:315
315             list = list->next;
(gdb) bt
#0  ecore_hash_destroy (hash=0x80a5980) at ecore_hash.c:315
#1  0xcfd82d3d in _ecore_desktop_destroy (desktop=0x80b1148)
    at ecore_desktop.c:798
#2  0xcfce7905 in _ecore_hash_node_destroy (node=0x80b14c8, keyd=0x80a4af8,
    valued=0xcfd82830 <_ecore_desktop_destroy>) at ecore_hash.c:738
#3  0xcfce79b6 in ecore_hash_destroy (hash=0x8068538) at ecore_hash.c:316
#4  0xcfd83fb8 in ecore_desktop_shutdown () at ecore_desktop.c:745
#5  0x0805407b in entangle_eapps_init ()
#6  0x08056cd1 in main ()

As a side note, you can create patches from cvs using the 'cvs diff' command. So, you can just move into e_utils/src/bin/entangle and execute cvs diff > entangle.diff. (You might want to put the line:

diff -uN

Into your ~/.cvsrc file.