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Re: [E-devel] external applications on EFL

On 11/7/06, Kapelonis Kostis <kkapelon@freemail.gr> wrote:

Hello list


I have launched recently my own pet project
which is using the EFL libraries.



Looks... well, strange. :) Will try it when I have more free time.

I mention on the site that the EFL are currently unreleased.
I also urge people who want to download EFL to use
the freedesktop snapshots and not the CVS code.


I am asking the core EFL developers which of the following applies.

1. The EFL are under constant change. The core developers do not
want any external applications to build on them, until they are officially
released. This way they won't have any pressure to keep a stable API
in case the EFL become too popular before the 1.0 release.

2. The EFL are under constant change. The core developers DO want
external applications to build on them, even though they are not
officially released.
This way the EFL get publicity, Bug reports, and beta testing.

Well, I'm not a coder myself,  and I am not the author of EFL. But, I think
we're more close to the second.
As more users we have - as more coders will join us. More bugs/leaks will be
fixed. More features will be added. Etc.
And you know... all the libs are BSD licensed. So, you can use them for
whatever you want.

So basically should I continue with my application?

So, yes, nothing and no one stops you. Just be very careful. Nothing is
stable, finished and released. I recommend you to wait for EFL developers to
release the libraries and then to release your EFL-based software. Keep it
in pre-alpha.
This is only my opinion, of course, let's see what the EFL authors will say.


You're welcome.

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