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[E-devel] Priviledged Execution


I'm just putting out feelers for ideas (a.k.a. best practices if such exist), for how to implement Priviledged Execution for Entrance_Edit_GUI

The problem is that, the config file is /etc/entrance_config.cfg, which is protected file, but all users *can* run entrance_edit_gui for now.

Ofcourse, I could just install /etc/entrance_config.cfg writable by everyone (brilliant huh? I love me!), but that's not so practical.

On the commandline, I can use 'sudo /path/to/entrance_edit_gui', and for some people, it would ask for a password, for others, it won't depeding on my sudo configuration.

I think in GNOME, there's a keyring manager of some sort, so with KDE? (i'm trying to find that out)

Whats the best practice for implementing stuff like this in a GUI environment? Ideally, if I ran entrance_edit_gui once, and entered my password, it shouldn't ask me again for subsequent runs untill I log out. If I were launching it before Login (from the Entrance login screen itself, it should still work, so this can't be tied to any window manager *ideally*, or it should be able to work with or without one).

thoughts and ideas appreciated.