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Re: [E-devel] several issues

On Mon, Nov 06, 2006 at 11:41:50AM +0100, Jan Rychter wrote:
> > So, as it stands, the shelf problem is just a matter of modifying the
> > config of the relevant shelves, 
> Not quite -- or perhaps there is something I do not understand. It seems
> that as soon as I move any shelf item manually, it gets "manual
> positioning" and no longer adapts to the screen dimension changes. So
> indeed your proposed solution works as long as I don't move any items
> manually -- which I do want to do, as I want to reorder items in my
> shelf.
> I'd much rather have shelves that behave dynamically -- e.g. if I choose
> the lower right corner for a shelf, that shelf should try to dynamically
> fit there as I resize or rotate the screen, preserving the order of
> items. There should be some sort of "gravity" for the items, so that
> they float towards the lower right corner if that is the shelf
> configuration I had chosen.

What I'm saying is that you can do this. Create a NEW shelf, and put it
in the lower right hand corner and it will stay there. What it seems you
have done is created a shelf in the left hand corner and dragged items
in the same shelf across to the right in the hope that they would always
line up with the right hand edge. This is the whole point of having
multiple shelves, to provide the apparent "dynamic" behaviour.

Multiple shelves are the key here. 

> > the icon problem may be fixed by up to date CVS and no eaps,
> I can confirm that -- in my case blowing away the entire ~/.e directory
> seemed to have been the solution.


> > the maximise problem will be fixed as soon as the patch hits CVS
> Confirmed fixed, thanks!


> > and the patch attached to this e-mail fixes a problem with merlin, a
> > "broken app" problem.
> Indeed it does. Thanks again for the impressive bugfixing spree!

No problems.