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Re: [E-devel] E17 Configuration and Entrance

On 11/6/06, Essien Ita Essien <essien@wazobialinux.com> wrote:

2. What I would actually have loved, would be to plug it into e17's
control panel (in addition to the above? so that non e17 systems can
still use Entrance)
Now the thing is, is it currently possible to have a plugin that just
launches another app from the E17 Control Panel (I don't think that it is).

If it is not, is it planned? Is it something that would be desirable? (I
think that it would be desireable)

We have discussed something similar in the past. What we need to have
is the ability for modules to add entries into the configuration panel
(should be trivial to do). Once thats possible, Entrance can have a
module that plugs into E17 and can do all sorts of magic including
adding stuff to the control panel. In regard to having a configuration
item in the control panel launch an outside tool, that should also be

Hisham Mardam Bey
MSc (Computer Science)
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