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[E-devel] E17 Configuration and Entrance

Hiya all,

Quick question. I've just checked in some updates for entrance_edit_gui and added a .desktop file so its easier to call up (using tab completion on the shell to invoke entrance_edit_gui wasn't plan A :))

Now my question is what is actually the best thing to do here, options are:

1. Add and 'Entrance' menu to the main menu via .desktop file (as i've done)
- This begs the question, where is the right category to drop it (FDO experts?) - Pending the above, i've dropped it into Applications->Settings->Entrance

2. What I would actually have loved, would be to plug it into e17's control panel (in addition to the above? so that non e17 systems can still use Entrance) Now the thing is, is it currently possible to have a plugin that just launches another app from the E17 Control Panel (I don't think that it is).

If it is not, is it planned? Is it something that would be desirable? (I think that it would be desireable)

Anyways, comments?