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[E-devel] About the new Mime Types dialog

Hi everyone,

I was thinking about the new Mime Types dialog.
The dialog itself is good things, and its useful and necessary.
But, I suggest to make a "File Manager Preferences" dialog, with more file manager-related settings (including the mime type stuff). The reasons are:

1) Its hard to make icon for "Mime type". I know, this is my own problem, and yet - its hard to think of something that represents a Mime type. 2) Trust me, most end users don't know what a "mime type" is. It would be confusing to them.
3) Its not translatable.

So, a dialog for general file manager settings where you can customize it (the fm) is better. There we can put "Open with... options" or something, where the user can choose with what app to open each file type, make a .desktop file if the app he wants is missing in ~/.e/e/applications/all, etc, etc.

And btw, I recommend you to rename the Applications dialog to "Application launchers" and to use "Application launcher" where is necessary, its better. 1) There are just .desktop files that are starting (launching) applications, not real applications. 2) Its really confusing to newcomers to see "applications" in teh config panel, I guess.

- Mano