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Re: [E-devel] remembering commands with options

On Tue, 31 Oct 2006 21:05:52 +0100 Massimo Maiurana <maiurana@gmail.com>

> Jochen Schroeder, il 30/10/2006 23:14, scrisse:
> > ToDo.vimki" there. This problem also manifests itself when trying
> > remember to start seamonkey at login. The window properties show the
> > command is "seamonkey-bin" so when remembering to start at login it
> > tries to start using this command, which fails.
> seamonkey is not the only application behaving this way, firefox and
> thunderbird are other examples.
> the reason is that when you start firefox you call a script named
> "firefox" which in turn sets some environment variables and calls
> the real executable firefox-bin, thus the process opening the window
> is firefox-bin but the command to launch to have the browser opened
> is simply "firefox".
> e17 doesn't know about that at all, so you can't remember these apps
> without telling e what is the correct command to execute, and the
> only way to do it is to create a .desktop file and put it in
> $HOME/.e/e/applications/startup.
> also, it's better to not put complex commands in a .desktop file,
> the "right" way should be to put those commands in a script and call
> the script from the .desktop file instead.

yup. nothing to be done. these apps SAY their command is firefox-bin and
seamonkey-bin. thats what e sees. tats what the app tells it. nothing much to
be done as those apps just behave badly in that sense.

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