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Re: [E-devel] automake 1.10 again

On Wednesday, 01 November 2006, at 08:18:04 (+0900),
Carsten Haitzler wrote:

> well e17 has an autopoint -f already. here it doesn't create a
> config.rpath.  putting config.rpath in cvs itself is just a stupid
> idea - if it can be generated (and is a generated file). i'll throw
> in a gettextize -f - but unfortunately it is not a non-interactive
> tool. it requires human acknowledgement. i've hacked around it but
> it's an ugly hack and might break on slow/overloaded systems. (it
> actually reads /dev/tty so pipes dont work)

If autopoint -f is not working (I'm pretty sure kwo put that in
earlier; it wasn't there before), I think that's a bug.  autopoint
claims to "copy standard gettext infrastructure files into a source

I'd almost rather require automake < 1.10 than put in hacks like that
silly sleep thing.


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