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Re: [E-devel] automake 1.10 again

Mike Frysinger wrote:
On Tuesday 31 October 2006 12:09, David Seikel wrote:
Most stick with
autoconf 2.59 and automenu 1.9, as they have been quite stable for a
long time.

that's just being lazy :p

the issue here isnt incompatibles, it's that older automake versions didnt error out properly while newer (1.10+) automake's do

that doesnt make the error any less of an error ... it just means people are inclined to simply ignore it by forcing automake-1.9 instead of automake-1.10

I already try to provide a patch for this that ran autopoint for us in the autogen.sh. I do understand that maybe some rm I hadded was too drastict.

I also seen a whole change within my system (E17) that now does support i18n or if you prefere is now localisable. Before I do the little patch in my repository, it wasn't having any localisation support : only utf-8.en as it is my default language but I also support utf-8.fr_ca. Now I get both of them for the pleasure of reading some funny translation. I'm used to use english interface but sometimes I have to show that it could be in french for presentation.

Now this may explain what the heck it does when config.rpath isn't there.

Hope it help to close such a debate, as it is a trivial problem. For gentooers, I may send the patch without the eavy rm and with a little "autopoint -f" that you may add to blocking ebuild.


NB: Désolé for the duplicate Mike...