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Re: [E-devel] automake 1.10 again

On Tuesday, 31 October 2006, at 15:41:27 (-0500),
Mike Frysinger wrote:

> the issue here isnt incompatibles, it's that older automake versions
> didnt error out properly while newer (1.10+) automake's do

No, the real problem is that gettext has changed in numerous
significant and dramatic ways, often incompatibly, since we started
using it (around gettext 0.10).  We've discussed numerous times just
how big a load of crap gettext is (an assertion that not one person
has refuted).  The only reason we're still using it is because there's
nothing any better that does what it does, and raster insists on

Clearly config.rpath was added sometime between now and when we last
got the gettext stuff working.  Once it works, we don't touch it until
it breaks.  So now it's broken, and we'll get it fixed.  End of story.


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