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Re: [E-devel] utf-8 on windows

i've tried subing in external bitstream fonts, deja vu, and microsoft area and microsoft tehoma without success. what font files would you suggest?

- bob

Kim Woelders wrote:
bob majdak jr wrote:
asked on irc, they told me to send this to the devel list.

i've noticed on e16, current version, that the title bars on windows do not really like utf-8 text very much, it stops rendering at the first weird letter. it works if i pop it out of utf-8, like the iso-2 but then some of the weird letters show up as ¿ or ± and stuff.

so the question is, is it suppose to work and just a bug, or can it be made to work?

here are some screenshots.

e16 with broken title bar.

xfce with working title bar.

it's a polish gettext translation so i do not get much choice in the matter. nor do i speak polish, i only know what it says because it should be what i told them to translate :p

This is supposed to work, and it does for me, except if the theme font does not have the required characters, typically old ttf fonts or missing installation of e.g. the iso-8859-2 fonts.