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Re: [E-devel] remembering commands with options

Jochen Schroeder, il 30/10/2006 23:14, scrisse:

> ToDo.vimki" there. This problem also manifests itself when trying
> remember to start seamonkey at login. The window properties show the
> command is "seamonkey-bin" so when remembering to start at login it
> tries to start using this command, which fails.

seamonkey is not the only application behaving this way, firefox and
thunderbird are other examples.
the reason is that when you start firefox you call a script named
"firefox" which in turn sets some environment variables and calls
the real executable firefox-bin, thus the process opening the window
is firefox-bin but the command to launch to have the browser opened
is simply "firefox".

e17 doesn't know about that at all, so you can't remember these apps
without telling e what is the correct command to execute, and the
only way to do it is to create a .desktop file and put it in

also, it's better to not put complex commands in a .desktop file,
the "right" way should be to put those commands in a script and call
the script from the .desktop file instead.

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