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Re: [E-devel] automake 1.10 again

On Tue, 31 Oct 2006 11:41:44 +0100 Párkányi Péter
<peter.parkanyi@gmail.com> wrote:

> But as i've mentioned 'gettextize -f' fixes the problem, too. It
> creates a symlink to the file on the filesystem
> (/usr/share/gettext/config.rpath on my system), and many other
> symlinks as well which to me doesn't seem to be necessary. But try it
> out and see it yourself, then say 'NO'.

I did just try it out for my self.  It has exactly the same problem I
mentioned before about autopoint -f, so I give the same answer.  My
previous answer is in that other thread.  For those that can't be
bothered searching for that other thread, it boiled down to "NO".  At
least, not yet.

The various autotools are a big mess, full of all sorts of gotchas.
Usually only the developers have to worry about it, everybody else can
just use the configure script that the developers pre generate.  Since
only developers have to worry about autotools, it is common convention
that the main developer pick a version for a particular project, and
all the other developers stick to that version.  That way we can avoid
all this sort of incompatible inter version nonsense.  Most stick with
autoconf 2.59 and automenu 1.9, as they have been quite stable for a
long time.

In the case of E, the pre generated ones snap shots are on
freedesktop.org.  I have not been able to quickly find any information
on the web site that says "this is the autotools versions we use".
get-e.org says autoconf 2.5 and automake 1.7.  It's possible that these
were the stable versions at the time that E17 development started.

Maybe raster can give the definitive versions of autofoo to be used.

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