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Re: [E-devel] remembering commands with options

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> On Tue, 31 Oct 2006 11:14:46 +1300 Jochen Schroeder
> <jochen.schroeder@gmail.com> babbled:
>> Replying to myself,
>> I just did another test I changed the command to:
>> Exec=Eterm -n test -e vim +"cd NotesWiki" +"e ToDo.vimki" && echo "test"
>> However .xsession-errors only has:
>> REMEMBER CMD: "Eterm-ntest-evim+cd\ NotesWiki+e\ ToDo.vimki"
>> ...
> yes. you can only execute 1 command - not a sequence of commands, from
> a .desktop file.
I think you misunderstood me. I also have to correct you, putting
Exec=Eterm && Eterm into a desktop file works perfectly fine when
starting from the menu or from startup/.order, it starts a second Eterm
after the first is finished. My real problem is described below, when
using the remember option: "Start this program on login" it does not
work, because e does not use the .desktop file entry to start the
program, but the command from the window properties. Also when it uses
that command when it starts the program at login, all whitespace is
lost, thus if you started the program with options it now cannot find
the command. I'm asking why e is not just using the command from the
corresponding desktop file when setting "Start this program on login".
>> so it is dropping the part after the &&. I put the .desktop file into my
>> startup/.order file and then the whole thing works fine. So when
>> remembering an application for startup, e does not take the command from
>> the corresponding .desktop file. I just had a look at the window
>> properties and it only states Eterm -n test -e vim +"cd NotesWiki" +"e
>> ToDo.vimki" there. This problem also manifests itself when trying
>> remember to start seamonkey at login. The window properties show the
>> command is "seamonkey-bin" so when remembering to start at login it
>> tries to start using this command, which fails. Is this behavior
>> intended? I would say the expected behavior would be for e to use the
>> command from the corresponding .desktop file.
>> Cheers
>> Jochen
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