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Re: [E-devel] remembering commands with options

Replying to myself,

I just did another test I changed the command to:

Exec=Eterm -n test -e vim +"cd NotesWiki" +"e ToDo.vimki" && echo "test"

However .xsession-errors only has:
REMEMBER CMD: "Eterm-ntest-evim+cd\ NotesWiki+e\ ToDo.vimki"

so it is dropping the part after the &&. I put the .desktop file into my
startup/.order file and then the whole thing works fine. So when
remembering an application for startup, e does not take the command from
the corresponding .desktop file. I just had a look at the window
properties and it only states Eterm -n test -e vim +"cd NotesWiki" +"e
ToDo.vimki" there. This problem also manifests itself when trying
remember to start seamonkey at login. The window properties show the
command is "seamonkey-bin" so when remembering to start at login it
tries to start using this command, which fails. Is this behavior
intended? I would say the expected behavior would be for e to use the
command from the corresponding .desktop file.