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[E-devel] remembering commands with options


I just noticed a problem with remembering windows and making them startup at login. I have a
desktop file with a exec line containing a couple of options. This is
the line:
Exec=Eterm -n ToDo -e vim +"cd NotesWiki" +"e ToDo.vimki"
the command runs fine if I start the application from the menu or bar.
However when I set the the window to start at login, I get the following
messages in xsession-errors:

REMEMBER CMD: "Eterm-nToDo-evim+cd\ NotesWiki+e\ ToDo.vimki"
/bin/bash: Eterm-nToDo-evim+cd NotesWiki+e ToDo.vimki: command not found

So it seems e is dropping the whitespaces when remembering the command.