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Re: [E-devel] several issues

On Mon, Oct 30, 2006 at 01:27:35PM +0100, Jan Rychter wrote:
> Thanks for responding!
< snip! >
> I've posted screenshots, let me know if you need more:

Shelf Shots

Okay, well, this seems to be a very simple thing. Basically you need to
adjust the way your shelf operates. What it seems to be is you have some
items in the shelf fixed in place/size and therefore E can't actually do
anything on rotate. If the shelf is wider than the screen, it ain't
going to fit :). My suggestion is to move the bat and CPU monitor to
another shelf and have it sitting bottom-right. That way everything will
fit nicely.

> Now the maximization issue:

Okay, can reproduce now. Trick is maximising in vertical orientation, it
works fine in horizontal.  I'll try and have a look at fixing this.

> > This used to happen all the time, but I haven't had it happen in ages.
> > Check that you have up to date CVS.
> Definitely. In my screenshots you can actually see an empty space where
> the xmms icon used to be. It went away just before the screenshots were
> made, while I was rotating and restarting E.

Again, this always used to happen, but disappearing icons shouldn't
happen anymore. Do you have up to date CVS (0.16.999.035 + fixes) and do you
have any eaps left?

> Indeed xstroke is hard to find. I installed it on gentoo and I just
> checked it gets downloaded from one of the portage mirrors.
> As for merlin:
> http://hellkvist.org/software/xmerlin/xmerlin-0.9_public.tar.gz

I'll look into this too.

> I had to fix one minor (obvious) issue when compiling with gcc-4.1, but
> overall it takes 30 seconds to install it.
> --J.