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Re: [E-devel] several issues

On 30/10/06, Metrics <metrics@score5.org> wrote:

> -- there is something fishy going on with icons. Application icons
>    regularly get messed up, e.g. I'd get the 'xterm' icon for another
>    app in the ibox. I can't really narrow it down (sorry) except that
>    they do get mixed up.

This used to happen all the time, but I haven't had it happen in ages.
Check that you have up to date CVS.

I have an up to date CVS and the same problem with icons. It happends quite
rarely, but it happends =)

When it happends on an icon, you have to restart E to "fix" it.

The "icon swap" doesnt happend always on the same icons, but it MAY have
something to do with ibox, cause i think i remember the pb appears when i
iconify an app.