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[E-devel] several issues

I've noted several minor issues while using e17 on a Tablet PC (Fujitsu)
and thought I'd report them here, as I can't fix them myself:

-- maximized windows do not resize properly after an XRandR
   rotation. Normal windows do The Right Thing, but maximized ones do
   not. One has to unmaximize and then maximize again.

-- the shelf does not do the right thing either: to see all of it on my
   vertically oriented screen I have to restart enlightenment while X is
   oriented vertically. Otherwise I end up with some of its components
   off the right edge of the screen,

-- there is something fishy going on with icons. Application icons
   regularly get messed up, e.g. I'd get the 'xterm' icon for another
   app in the ibox. I can't really narrow it down (sorry) except that
   they do get mixed up.

-- apps like merlin or xstroke (handwriting recognition) do not
   work. Windows flash briefly, then disappear, never to be found
   again. It seems e17 is intent on hiding them somehow. These apps do
   something particular about their window, as they normally appear with
   no decorations under other window managers.

The last one is a real showstopper.