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Re: [E-devel] [PATCH] Refactoring e_remember

On Tue, 24 Oct 2006 21:50:07 +1000 Metrics <metrics@score5.org> babbled:

in. :)

> The attached patch fixes one of the bugs in the TODO, that of having
> fallbacks for matches where Only Match One Window is set. In order to do
> this reliably, the process behind e_remember has been rewritten, to use
> a scoring system, where the best match is the one that is used.
> Remembering borders and locks from there corresponding menus were also a
> bit screwy and dependent on order of ops...not nice. So, everything to
> do with remembering window properties is now working with this patch. It
> should also be faster than the old version as well. 
> There is some code at the top of the file that will convert old configs
> to the new version and it can be scrapped in the future.
> Any comments, criticisms, suggestions etc., you know where to find me.
> metrics
> P.S. raster, anything that might seem a bit strange has a good reason.
> Let me know what you think. I also noticed my name in the About box,
> which is tops...any chance of getting my real name in there (Byron
> Hillis)?

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