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Re: [E-devel] [Fwd: Re: building with automake-1.10] Patch proposal

I have a TODO item that involves me learning all about gettext and how
to do it properly.  Until I get around to that, I know nothing about

On Wed, 25 Oct 2006 00:47:04 -0400 Mike Frysinger <vapier@gentoo.org>

> On Tuesday 24 October 2006 07:56, Landry, Marc-Andre wrote:
> > I rather prefer not to force anything but else take care of the
> > rest. Maybe I do have done too much of cleaning, in fact there is
> > only ABOUT-NLS that block autopoint.
> using -f means the latest versions of files will always be
> replaced ... there isnt really a case where the files gettext
> installs would need local modifications

I just ran a test autopoint -f in a copy of one of the e_modules.
po/Makevars.template ends up with an FSF copyright.  Like automake
generating a COPYING file with the GPL in it, this is a possible viral
infection that some authors might not want.  As I stated above, I don't
know how the gettext bits fit together, so I don't know how this file
influences things.  From some quick research, that FSF copyright is the
default one unless one is specified when using xgettext.

> > I also prevent autopoint to run with 
> > wrong version of his needed file (m4 & po/*).
> eh ?  i dont really understand what you mean ... but now that you
> mention it, doing `rm -f m4` certainly wont work as m4 is a directory

Deleting the m4 directory is not a good option, some non gettext things
have their own macros in m4.

> > automake-1.10 complain about a missing file (config.rpath) that he
> > don't provide and it prevent it from ending cleanly and so that is
> > why a said building with automake-1.10. As version 1.9 did complain
> > but didn't stop running and so wasn't mandatory.
> i guess that depends on your definition of mandatory ... i'd take a
> build failure (what automake-1.10 gives us) over a "might
> configure/compile/run incorrectly but no one really notices" (what
> automake-1.9 and older gives us)

Until I learn more about how to properly put together the gettext
stuff, I'm not going to force anything onto the modules in e_modules,
and leave it up to individual authors to deal with that as they see
fit.  I highly recommend that any use of autopoint -f comes with lots
of additions to .cvsignore files to ignore all those generated files,
and that the copyright issue is taken care of.

For my own module, also on my TODO list is to learn how to do the rest
of autofoo properly, then update my module to suit.  Only after I have
done that will I bother to clean up the autofoo in the "e_modules
maintainers maintained" modules.  Others may feel free to fix the
autofoo and gettext stuff.

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