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Re: [E-devel] [Fwd: Re: building with automake-1.10] Patch proposal

On Tuesday 24 October 2006 07:56, Landry, Marc-Andre wrote:
> I rather prefer not to force anything but else take care of the rest.
> Maybe I do have done too much of cleaning, in fact there is only
> ABOUT-NLS that block autopoint.

using -f means the latest versions of files will always be replaced ... there 
isnt really a case where the files gettext installs would need local 

> I also prevent autopoint to run with 
> wrong version of his needed file (m4 & po/*).

eh ?  i dont really understand what you mean ... but now that you mention it, 
doing `rm -f m4` certainly wont work as m4 is a directory

> automake-1.10 complain about a missing file (config.rpath) that he don't
> provide and it prevent it from ending cleanly and so that is why a said
> building with automake-1.10. As version 1.9 did complain but didn't stop
> running and so wasn't mandatory.

i guess that depends on your definition of mandatory ... i'd take a build 
failure (what automake-1.10 gives us) over a "might configure/compile/run 
incorrectly but no one really notices" (what automake-1.9 and older gives us)

> I had also to had one little call to AM_PROG_AC in imlib2 configure.in
> from suggestion of automake-1.10 : don't know if I put it a the right
> place, still it did the job.

right, that is a bug and ive committed your fix to cvs ... imlib2 had asm 
files but failed to request support for an assembler

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