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Re: [E-devel] [Fwd: Re: building with automake-1.10] Patch proposal

Mike Frysinger wrote:
> autopoint isnt really dependant on automake version at all ... it
comes from
> the gettext package
> i would drop the `rm` from all of your patches and instead invoke
> `autopoint -f`
> -mike

Hello Mike & all,
I rather prefer not to force anything but else take care of the rest.
Maybe I do have done too much of cleaning, in fact there is only
ABOUT-NLS that block autopoint. I also prevent autopoint to run with
wrong version of his needed file (m4 & po/*).

automake-1.10 complain about a missing file (config.rpath) that he don't
provide and it prevent it from ending cleanly and so that is why a said
building with automake-1.10. As version 1.9 did complain but didn't stop
running and so wasn't mandatory.

I had also to had one little call to AM_PROG_AC in imlib2 configure.in
from suggestion of automake-1.10 : don't know if I put it a the right
place, still it did the job.

Since I modify the autogen.sh script my system his now using all asked
language package, and so before it wasn't. I then think this was some
how mandatory to have a fully working system. Note that I'm a newby with
autofoo_ tools and I may get them a little mix up in my conception.

I also have to say that I thought to use the force option but I then
choose to go with manually remove files rather then squashing them.

Thank you for the comment,

PS: Désollé for the double posting of the patch as when I got to bed my
first mail wasn't showing up.