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[E-devel] E17 window sizing issues when apps ( esp OpenOffice ) start up

Hi all.

I'm having some issues with the size that windows get on startup. This problems mainly occurs with the OpenOffice suite, and can be reproduced by doing the following:

- start an OpenOffice app
- maximize it
- note that it fills the screen properly, and doesn't overlap the shelf
- close it
- start it again

When it starts again, it starts full-screen. I have tried with:
- the shelf 'above everything' as well as 'below everything' ... no difference to window sizing on restart - the 'smart expansion' as well as 'fill available space' maximize policy ... also no difference

The problem only occurs if the OpenOffice app is maximized when I close it. If I resize it down a bit, it restarts at this size.

I have repeated these tests on a fresh install ( and also rm -rf ~/.e ).

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