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[E-devel] Evas gradients

	I'm about to move out of evas-gradient-land for a while
and thought I'd mention some the last bits on them here, in case
anyone has any comments or suggestions.

	I've recently added support for setting a (file,key) on a
grad obj, so that one can load spectra via evas' image loaders..
and threw in a "ggr" loader which allows for loading the gimp's
gradient files -- this I've sent to Carsten for his reviewing
pleasure :)

	I've also recently moved gradients out to loadable modules,
this so that unused types take up fewer resources (and don't even
have to be compiled in if not desired). It also makes it easier
to add new grad types, whenever one might be desired. Many thanks
to Jorge's evas-modules work for making this a trivial matter. :)

	Lastly, I thought I'd go ahead and add the ability to set
not just the gradient object's fill-angle, but to allow one to
set further transforms on the fill.. eg. to skew the fill, and
what the heck, might as well allow for perspective projections
as well.

	The api for fill-skewing is simply:

   "evas_object_gradient_fill_skew_set(obj, angle_x, angle_y)"

where angle_x,y give the angles by which to rotate the x,y axes.

	However, for projections, I'm not entirely certain what
might be considered a good way for specifying this. I'm inclined
to have:

   "evas_object_gradient_fill_project_set(obj, x, y, z)"

where x,y give offsets relative to the fill origin, and z gives a
height to project from. But this isn't the only way that this could
be done... I'll look into it a bit more over the weekend, but if
anyone feels that they know of a better means of specifying this,
please do suggest so (I'll go over the semantics of how the various
transforms are composed a bit later).

	In any case, this about covers all.. I'd like to get evas
gradients over with for now, so if anyone has something to do with
evas gradients that they'd like to see, or whatnot, then now would
be a good time :)