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Re: [E-devel] bytecode hinting and desktop files

Massimo Maiurana wrote:
Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman), il 18/10/2006 00:57, scrisse:

see the above - add a printf and see what that func actually returns - but i
bet you it is saying that it DOESNT do patented hinting.

ok, I'll try recompiling freetype first, but I would like to know
how your ft2 is configured.
in my ftoption.h I see these options commented:
/* #define  FT_EXPORT(x)       extern x */
/* #define  FT_EXPORT_DEF(x)   x */

could it be my problems are related to this?
also, in tt driver configuration I see this undefined:

should I define it?

can you send me your ftoption.h so that I can see what are the
differences between yours and mine?

I don't have the time atm to get deeper into this, so I can't add anything valuable to this thread and the solution. But I too used bytecode hinting with my self-compiled ft2 2.2.1 and enlightenment cvs on FC4 not so long ago. Now (since a few revisions) the bytecode option is greyed out. That means ft2 seems to be able to do bytecode hinting, so probably s.th. has changed in e/EFL.

Cheers,  Nick.