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Re: [E-devel] [patch] fix typo in eterm/src/command.c

On Saturday, 14 October 2006, at 01:08:51 (-0400),
Mike Frysinger wrote:

> as pointed out in this warning:
> command.c:1206: warning: 'font_atom' is used uninitialized in this function
> gc_atom = XInternAtom(Xdisplay, "GC", False);
> gc_atom = XInternAtom(Xdisplay, "FONT", False);
> that second line is obviously wrong and should be font_atom = ...

Doh.  Good catch, thanks. :)

> in ns_wait_for_socket() it is possible to return an uninitialized
> "ret" if socket() returns failure ... so attached patch sets it to
> -1 at start ...  side node, shouldnt that tmp_sock > 0 be >= 0 ?  in
> reality it'll prob never be 0, but a value of 0 from socket() is
> certainly not an error ...

Technically no, but returning 0 would mean that stdin had been closed
and not reopened, in which case there are larger issues....  :-)

> in ns_ren_disp() it may be possible to pass an uninitialized "l" to
> the MALLOC() so attached patch sets it to 0 at start

All these are fixed, thanks.


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