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Re: [E-devel] "add shelf" to the main menu

Hannes Janetzek wrote:

i would go with the second one, as i don´t like to many too many items
in the main menu, especially when they are seldom used, for aesthetical
and practical reasons.

But how do you determine seldom used ? Me for instance, I never use the Desktops menu item (for switching)...does that mean it's seldom used and should be removed? Not necessarily because others may use it.

just a quick idea, what about having it like this?
config -> shelves -> configure shelves (the old dialog)
shelf 1 shelf 2 (for fast selection, if
                                                   one wants to change
                                                    only one shelf)

IMHO, nested too deep and a pita to get to. Would be just as easy to launch config panel and goto shelves.