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Re: [E-devel] "add shelf" to the main menu

On Sun, 15 Oct 2006 19:23:25 -0400 Christopher Michael <cpmichael1@comcast.net>

> I created 2 different versions for this:
> http://devilhorns.us/images/shelf_menu.png
> Version 1 has the shelves listed as a sub-menu. Clicking on an 
> individual shelf will take you to the config dialog for that shelf. 
> Clicking "Add a shelf" will add a new shelf, and clicking "Delete a 
> shelf" will take you to the shelf list dialog, where you can select 
> which one to delete.
> Version 2 is just a quick link to the Shelf Configuration list, where 
> you can add/delete/configure shelves.
> Which do we want to go with?

hmm both are good. but the lft ends up cluttering the main menu up more. i
think we want both - but the "Shelves" submenu needs to maybe go into another
submenu. we need to reshuffle i think. the Desktops menu is a little
"underused" i think with edge flip, a pager and keybindings - it is a little
redundant. i'm not saying get rid of it, but maybe Dektops (rename to Desktop)
can now hold a shelves submenu then put the current desktops submenu contents
in a "Virtual" submenu of "Desktops" and move show./hide up to the Desktop
menu. also might add a "Configure" menu item to the menu with "Desktop 1" etc.
etc. etc. in (the named desktops). which reminds me... we need a gui to
configure desktop names... in the virtual desktop config (and display them too) 

      Desktop -> Virtual -> Desktop 1
                 Shelves -> ...
                 Show/Hide All...

> Cheers,
> devilhorns
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