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Re: [E-devel] bytecode hinting and desktop files

David Seikel, il 15/10/2006 19:38, scrisse:

>> just rebuilt my e17 installation and found that bytecode hinting is
>> not available anymore :(
>> my freetype installation hasn't changed lately and I've always used
>> bytecode in the last 2/3 months, now in the font configuration
>> dialog the bytecode radio button is greyed out (though still
>> selected).
> There was a recent change to how the existence of bytecode hinting is
> detected.  It's hard to detect, as the way some distros put things
> together they end up lieing about it.

my freetype installation was built from sources because the
slackware package did not provide bytecode hinting.
any chance this will be fixed in the future, or should I change
something on my system?

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