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Re: [E-devel] bytecode hinting and desktop files

On Sun, 15 Oct 2006 14:35:12 +0200 Massimo Maiurana
<maiurana@gmail.com> wrote:

> just rebuilt my e17 installation and found that bytecode hinting is
> not available anymore :(
> my freetype installation hasn't changed lately and I've always used
> bytecode in the last 2/3 months, now in the font configuration
> dialog the bytecode radio button is greyed out (though still
> selected).

There was a recent change to how the existence of bytecode hinting is
detected.  It's hard to detect, as the way some distros put things
together they end up lieing about it.

> also, many system .desktop files contains entries for localization
> purposes (something like "Name[it]=...") to use in place of the
> default one, but in e's menus they're always displayed with english
> text.
> shouldn't it take into account the entry which matches the current
> locale settings?

Correct, it should.  I haven't written that bit of code yet.  Soon.

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