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Re: [E-devel] edje canvas objects

> > >	Likely evas will have general obj clipping not too far away,
> > > but 'buffer evases' are also interesting and useful (hence the
> > > ecore sub-canvases).
> > 
> > I think it would be indeed really useful to have such objects:
> > I may be wrong but I think this kind of objects is the way to go
> > if we want to support blitting in Evas. It should improve the
> > perfs a lot when we have to scroll large areas of screen (the
> > scrolling part would just be a subcanvas, so, in order to scroll,
> > we would just have to move this subcanvas. No need to redraw all
> > the objects of the subcanvas). We could maybe implement this in
> > the smart objects: A smart object could render (if we say so) in
> > a subcanvas, so moving the smart object won't require to redraw
> > all the sub objects.
> and it would increase mem usage drastically. no - there's better
> ways to do this  :) 

	Canvas objects in evas itself would be good to have for
various reasons - eg. simpler, more efficient implementations of
ecore sub-canvases. Could it be useful in edje...? Ummm... ???

	Allowing smart-objs to render to an internal evas 'buffer'
(not necessary for it to be a full sub-canvas), and having this as
a settable option, would be useful for some things that are just not
going to be possible to achieve correctly otherwise..  eg. clipping/
coloring of complex smart objs that have members which overlap..
same for the render-ops. Wether one would want this ability or not
is a separate matter.

	However, as you mention, using sub-canvases for scrolling
very large views by moving the sub-canvas.. would be *highly* memory
intensive and thus likely not the most desirable means of doing this
(it could be used though, in some isolated cases here and there..
depends what one might be after).