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Re: [E-devel] E17 needs...?

On Fri, 6 Oct 2006 06:24:08 GMT "jose_ogp@juno.com" <jose_ogp@juno.com> babbled:

> > > I can use it for hours/days/... and get a different idea,
> > > and I can look thru the src code and get yet another viewpoint..
> > > But neither will equal that 'first-impression' viewpoint.
> > 
> > the fallacy is that you have first impressions of something
> > totally incomplete.
> > 
> > "this house is crap - the back half has no roof and the rain
> > comes through, no lights in most rooms, and there is no carpet
> > anywhere!". yes. welcome to a construction zone  :)  you have
> > to take the time to look at whats there and imagine what it will
> > be like when complete. obvious omissions are that because we
> > probably just are not there yet.
> 	You are too sensitive :)  It's more like: "Hey the house
> looks really cool.. Here are some things though that first caught
> my eye... maybe it'll be of use somehow..." 

a bit - but you are picking a wrong time to nit-pick :)

> 	Man, I could've gone on and on about what's really amazing
> about e17, there's so much there.. But that's just not very helpful,
> not from my viewpoint.
> 	And how can one imagine what it'll "be like when complete"
> when it's unclear wether or not some things will be supported or
> not (eg. systray)? First you didn't want .desktop support, then
> you did.. no svg icons, then you did, no xxxxxx... then maybe yes
> xxxxx...

systray is not in the picture.  there is a TODO list :)

> 	Don't you think it's a good idea to get input from everyone/
> anyone about what they think might be desirable, what might be
> considered useful, what many may find good or bad, etc, etc, etc...
> And to get this feedback as early as possible...??

sure - but that then forever makes things a moving target and we WONT release
- ever. i am trying to rein IN the "please add feature X for me" stuff - so we
DO finish something as opposed to just endlessly slog on such a request list.
it's just a management thing - tyr and keep the entropy in feature adds low so
we follow a definite list and finish it off. we can worry about such nitty
details near the end of the "major work" :)

> 	Cheer up, I loved it - blows the rest away! It was very,
> very COOL!! I've told you that before. :)

thanks :) just note - it's not ready for such detailed kicking in the bum yet :)

>    jose.
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