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Re: [E-devel] Quality of svg icons in E17

On Tue, 10 Oct 2006 00:08:04 -0500 "Chad Kittel"
<chad.kittel@gmail.com> wrote:

> On 10/9/06, jose_ogp@juno.com <jose_ogp@juno.com> wrote:
> > >
> > > I'll have to correct myself.  After digging around I found that
> > > the BMPx icon is actually a 48x48 PNG file.  So I guess this was
> > > unrelated to the SVG issue, however, what I am experiencing is
> > > still "bizarre indeed."
> >
> >         Sure is.. so far no one else seems to have experienced your
> > particular phenomenon.
> >         I don't know what to tell you except to maybe try updating
> > to the latest evas,edje,ecore,e17, then nuke whatever you have in
> > ~/.e, and rebuild whatever theme you're using from its edc source
> > (or try using e's default theme instead).
> >         If that doesn't work.. then unless someone else also sees
> > this behavior, I'd suggest you use some other icon!
> >
> Mystery solved here.  BMPx is 'unique' as compared the most of my
> other applications in that to start the application you call the
> binary 'beep-media-player-2' (which has a .desktop that e17 auto
> detected).  However, beep-media-player-2 ends up being immediately
> replaced with /usr/libexec/beep-media-player-2-bin (via dbus mojo or
> some such thing).  That means that e17 was fishing for its own icon at
> this point (for both the ibox and the window border (which was also
> fuzzy)) as the .desktop file was no longer "in charge" of what icon
> was being shown.  I ended up having to 'Create Icon' for the
> beep-media-player-2-bin, setting the icon to the same one used by the
> "launcher," if you will, for BMPx -- thus having two BMPx .desktop
> files, one being the "launcher" and the other being for after it is
> launched.
> Why e17 decided to render the "auto-discovered" icon so poorly in this
> situation, I still do not know and it may be worth investigating based
> on this new knowledge.

It might be the app supplied icon, supplied to us at a small size and
scaled up to fit.

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