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Re: [E-devel] Quality of svg icons in E17

On 10/9/06, jose_ogp@juno.com <jose_ogp@juno.com> wrote:
> I'll have to correct myself.  After digging around I found that
> the BMPx icon is actually a 48x48 PNG file.  So I guess this was
> unrelated to the SVG issue, however, what I am experiencing is
> still "bizarre indeed."

        Sure is.. so far no one else seems to have experienced your
particular phenomenon.
        I don't know what to tell you except to maybe try updating
to the latest evas,edje,ecore,e17, then nuke whatever you have in
~/.e, and rebuild whatever theme you're using from its edc source
(or try using e's default theme instead).
        If that doesn't work.. then unless someone else also sees
this behavior, I'd suggest you use some other icon!

Mystery solved here.  BMPx is 'unique' as compared the most of my
other applications in that to start the application you call the
binary 'beep-media-player-2' (which has a .desktop that e17 auto
detected).  However, beep-media-player-2 ends up being immediately
replaced with /usr/libexec/beep-media-player-2-bin (via dbus mojo or
some such thing).  That means that e17 was fishing for its own icon at
this point (for both the ibox and the window border (which was also
fuzzy)) as the .desktop file was no longer "in charge" of what icon
was being shown.  I ended up having to 'Create Icon' for the
beep-media-player-2-bin, setting the icon to the same one used by the
"launcher," if you will, for BMPx -- thus having two BMPx .desktop
files, one being the "launcher" and the other being for after it is

Why e17 decided to render the "auto-discovered" icon so poorly in this
situation, I still do not know and it may be worth investigating based
on this new knowledge.

But anyhow, I'm happy that the mystery is solved.  Thanks for holding
on with me here though this, and sorry for hijacking the thread. :o)

(\o/) Chad 'v3rt1g0' Kittel <chad.kittel@gmail.com>
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