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Re: [E-devel] Quality of svg icons in E17

jose_ogp@juno.com wrote:

> 	I can't really imagine why they would look much different, vs.
> scaling pngs, now from before. As raster mentions, it uses the same
> scaling path for both, and the initial size at which they're loaded
> hasn't changed either. Do they look exactly the same 'unscaled', vs.
> the way they did before?


> 	Anyway... sure, an option to set the initial size of the svg
> icon on load would be something worth considering later.

Sounds good to me. If you're looking for a default value, perhaps the
shelf size * 1.5, which would make it look good when zoomed in?

>>> On the other hand, I have noticed a significant increase in
>>> rendering quality in other areas - both of the animated backgrounds
>>> I'm working on are rendering a lot cleaner now  :) 
> 	Ummm... "rendering a lot cleaner" as in .... ????

Well it's a little hard to put my finger on exactly. In my first
animated wallpaper, 'Tamanu' ( on http://www.get-e.org ) the particle
explosion looks significantly different. It looks identical to how it
looks in Blender :) To be honest, I hadn't really paid much attention
before, but I think after the premul changes, this was one of the 1st
things I noticed. I looked at the wallpaper and said "Hey wow. That's
how it's supposed to look". The particles are rendered very smoothly.
They used to be kinda hairy / fuzzy. The same goes for another wallpaper
I'm working on with a friend ( I wanna release it, but he's not
satisfied with it yet ). I had another particle explosion that looks
significantly clearer now, and also some text ( an Enlightenment logo )
down the bottom of the screen, which is rendered on top of another image
looks significantly clearer now. This is particularly true for straight
lines on a slight angle - they used to be kinda blurry, but are now very