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Re: [E-devel] Edje Messages Help

On Mon, 09 Oct 2006 22:48:32 +0900
David Stevenson <david.35472@gmail.com> wrote:

> On 09/10/06, Jason Melbye <jdmelbye@wisc.edu> wrote:
> > I have been playing around with the edje library and have some
> > questions.
> >
> > I am hoping to write a c program that sends an edje interface a message
> > (a string for now) periodically.  It's up to the edje interface to
> > decide what to do with the message, but for now I would just like to
> > display it in a text part.
> >
> > It seems like I need something a little more complicated than just
> > edje_object_signal_emit, since i need to send the actual data.
> >
> > I saw edje_object_message_send, and that just opened a whole new can of
> > worms, but looks promising.  Can anyone point me to some code that
> > makes use of the function, or any related edje message code?  I'm not
> > clear on the use of id's and the different message types.  Nor do I
> > know how to handle them in the .edc file, although
> > /e17/libs/edje/data/src/edje_test.edc seems to offer some guidance.
> >
> > Thanks!
> > Jason
> Hi,
> What you are trying to do is basically exactly what I did for the
> "moon" module that you can find in cvs.
> I calculate a moon phase value periodically in my application, and
> then send it to the moon edje interface, which then displays it to the
> user. The form in which it displays the phase information is in the
> shape of a moon image that matches the phase info the interface
> receives. (I also started sending string information in addition to
> this as well).
> They are completely out of date with respect to writing gadgets, but I
> did some writeups on the moon module a year ago, which also include
> some bits about the application -> edje messages:
> http://edevelop.org/node/1795
> http://edevelop.org/node/1901
> This should probably help you understand the id thing, message types,
> and how to handle them in the edc. Let me know if you still get stuck
> :-)
> David

Thanks David, that was exactly what I was looking for.  It helped me out quite a bit :)