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Re: [E-devel] Evas needs... ?

	I'll get back your other points a bit later Jorge :)
But let me just quickly reply to the following part:

> call an engine function (this is why it is called "object engine")
> which will send a protocol command. The problem with this is that
> now almost every "canvas api" function (object_resize, object_move,
> etc) have to have an engine callback, so the engine api will be
> even more bloated.

	The problem is that you're going to need object level funcs
for many general api functions if you have svg kinds of capabilities:
eg. thick lines, rotated objs, etc.

	You see, there's no way to get the bounding region eg. of a
'thick stroked line with endcaps' without querying the object type
for this info - the given object size will need to refer to the
general case of just the endpts.. we'll have to add an api func for
getting an obj's actual bounding region. There's no way to thick
stroke a line, and make it look reasonable, without going outside
the region bounded by the endpts alone. A similar situation exists
for transformed objs - though this is somewhat more straightforward
to obtain from object size.

	Even if one allows for the current size getting function to
return the true bounding region of eg. a thick-stroked, transformed
line/poly/path/who-knows-what.. it'll still mean that the obj will
have to provide this info to that canvas func thru it's own internal