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Re: [E-devel] Quality of svg icons in E17

On Mon, 09 Oct 2006 14:11:08 +1000 Daniel Kasak <dan@entropy.homelinux.org>

> Hi all.
> I can't be sure about this, but I *think* the quality of icons based
> on svg images has dropped recently. If I make an application icon
> based on a png file, when I put it in the bar and point at it ( with the
> darkness theme, that zooms icons when you point at the ), it
> scales up quite well - ie looks very smooth. But if I do the same
> thing with an svg image, it looks fine in it's default state, but when
> I point at it and it scales up, it gets a little hairy. Perhaps svg
> images should be rendered at a higher resolution? Were they before?
> I've only noticed this now anyway.

if the icon is a scalable format e_icon asks for the loader to pre-render it at
64x64. this hasn't changed since svg support popped in. so the icons u see on
screen will be rendered up or down from 64x64 pixels. it can be made bigger but
then u pay a cost in extra ram usage. (64x64 will use up 16kb. 128x128 will use
64kb - PER ICON). no there isn't a config setting for this (currently). note
that svg images are simply rendered to a bitmap on load - so after that they
are like any other bitmap image file.

so basically - no - they were not rendered at a higher res (after i added evas
load options which was now a month ago or so). unless u have screenshots to
demonstrate something.... :)

> On the other hand, I have noticed a significant increase in rendering
> quality in other areas - both of the animated backgrounds I'm working on
> are rendering a lot cleaner now :)
> Dan
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