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[E-devel] Edje Messages Help

I have been playing around with the edje library and have some

I am hoping to write a c program that sends an edje interface a message
(a string for now) periodically.  It's up to the edje interface to
decide what to do with the message, but for now I would just like to
display it in a text part.

It seems like I need something a little more complicated than just
edje_object_signal_emit, since i need to send the actual data.

I saw edje_object_message_send, and that just opened a whole new can of
worms, but looks promising.  Can anyone point me to some code that
makes use of the function, or any related edje message code?  I'm not
clear on the use of id's and the different message types.  Nor do I
know how to handle them in the .edc file, although
/e17/libs/edje/data/src/edje_test.edc seems to offer some guidance.